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Dealing with Panic and Anxiety

Why and how panic attacks develop

Are you one of those people who has often wondered why you seen to “freak out” more than most people and sometimes for no real reason at all? Do certain situations make you feel uncomfortable? I don’t mean the kind of uncomfortable where you think “I shouldn’t be here”, but at first awkward, then a little fidgety, and then maybe you start to sweat a little then a lot. If you experience things like this and other similar ones, and don’t know what it is, you are suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety seems so innocuous and stupid, but it a very real and isolating condition. Most sufferers begin to manifest symptoms as children or often in middle school (primary school) and high school. It is very often left untreated because the young person does not say a word for fear of looking and sounding like a weak freak. I speak from experience on this. When left untreated it can eventually morph into something bigger, worse, and without the proper panic attack treatment, a person can develop full blown phobias or even in some cases OCD disorders. The real problem is how to stop panic attacks from getting out of control when they strike. Continue reading

The difference between anxiety and panic and how to deal with it

The thing about anxiety is that most people think you are looking for attention or trying to get out of doing a certain task at work (or school). This is a very sad and incorrect assumption on a non-sufferer’s part.

If you are one of the lucky ones who does not have sudden and crippling anxiety attacks, then reading up on our panic away review – it may give you a new perspective on the disease. And yes, it really is a disease. Continue reading

Overcoming Anxiety – Don’t feed the monster

We are the cause of our anxiety. The most hated thing in our lives is something that we create. This concept is unacceptable to most of us, because the suffering is so great that we cannot even begin to imagine that we have any part in creating it. But we do – we “feed the monster” so to speak. Continue reading

Why Anxiety is a Gift

How many people do you know that are stronger than the fear of death? A person that has suffered from panic attacks, and that has overcome them, can consider himself a member of the most elitist club on earth, nevermind the special forces or the martial arts champions! The real warriors are the anxiety survivors!

Anyone who has had a panic attack will tell you it’s the hardest thing they’ve Continue reading

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  • Feeling as if you will have a heart attack
  • Feeling as if you can't breathe
  • Feeling as if you are not living reality
  • Feeling as if you will go insane
  • Fear of travel
  • Fear of Crowded places
  • Fear of getting stuck in traffic 
  • Fear of being trapped in confined spaces
  • Anxious thoughts that will not stop
  • Insomnia