Dealing with Panic and Anxiety

The Panic Away Program


What you get


  • The book – 254 pages allows you to really “break down” anxiety piece by piece.
  • The HD DVD – is 48 minutes long and is useful to get a quick start on the recovery if you have little time for reading.
  • Audio Cd’s – all the exercises are Cd format to be able to listen to in the car or on a plane




  • Amazon $119.95
  • Printed version $97.95 (on official site)
  • Online version $67.95 (on official site)

8 week money back guarantee. 

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Panic Away

The Panic Away program includes a 254 page book, a video and Audio Cds

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  • Feeling as if you will have a heart attack
  • Feeling as if you can't breathe
  • Feeling as if you are not living reality
  • Feeling as if you will go insane
  • Fear of travel
  • Fear of Crowded places
  • Fear of getting stuck in traffic 
  • Fear of being trapped in confined spaces
  • Anxious thoughts that will not stop
  • Insomnia