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Panic away was born when during his studies on psychology, Barry McDonagh (author of the program) discovered that the existing techniques described to assist those suffering from anxiety and panic attacks only dealt with managing the problem, and not eliminating it. Barry began to study the work of the psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl, which allowed him to understand that in order to eliminate the panic attacks it was necessary to stop people from “fearing the fear”. Starting from this point, he developed a technique which is called the “21-7 Technique”, followed by the C.A.L.M. Technique. These two techniques make up the main basis of the Panic Away program. Read on for more information, or…

Suffering from Panic Attacks and GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is not only scary, but it leaves you feeling lonely too. People that haven’t suffered from this ailment just don’t understand how bad you feel, and since its not measurable, there is no way of letting them know how strong you actually are simply due to being able to endure it. People think it’s something that you can control somehow, like getting yourself out of a bad mood.

Those that suffer from Anxiety are not weak, and are not hypochondriacs. Actually, most often anxiety sufferers are intelligent, creative and caring people. It is typical for people that suffer from anxiety to be very hard on themselves; if this is what you are doing then it’s time to stop beating yourself up. What you are going through is already hard enough – don’t add to it by being angry with yourself!

If you have had times when you thought you were having a heart attack or couldn’t breathe for no apparent reason, if you are scared of getting stuck in traffic or in a crowd, if you are afraid of losing control or going crazy, or if you have anxious thoughts that just will not stop, then it’s time to take action.
Anxiety can cause you to stop travelling, to stop seeing people, or it can have you taking medicine, which is just another form of slavery.

Breaking the Anxiety chain can set you free.
You will be surprised and relieved to know that panic attacks are not a mental illness – they are a behavioral disorder which can be completely resolved. It is not true that you will have to endure anxiety for the rest of your life.

Panic Away Review – How Panic Away Works

The creator of the Panic Away method, Barry McDonagh started off his research studying books on psychology, but he was not at all happy with what he discovered there. The techniques described promise to teach people to overcome anxiety, but they actually only teach techniques for managing it. For example, relaxing and breathing through it, seeking distractions or waiting for it to pass are all methods that do not really disarm the panic attack, they just allow you to handle them a little better.

Barry McDonagh knew he was on to something when he studied the work of the psychiatrist, Viktor Frankl. This Austrian Doctor had survived life in a concentration camp during the holocaust. He was even assigned the task inside the ghetto of helping newcomers to overcome the shock and grief of their new situation. The existential analysis carried out by Frankl allowed McDonagh to understand that in order to stop the Panic Attacks it was necessary to stop people from “fearing the fear”.

Starting from here, he developed a technique which is called the “21-7 Technique”; 21 seconds to disarm a panic attack and seven minutes to come out of anxiety. More details are given on his video. This is followed by the C.A.L.M. Technique:

C – Community Support

A – Acceptance

L – Lifestyle changes

M – Meaning

Panic Away Scam – Or Does this Product Work?

We are a completely third party, independent review site, and as such we take pride in being impartial. We typed “panic away scam” into Google but only found Panic Away advertising. On the official site we saw that this system is recommended by Dr. Glenn Livingston, who holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is a bit of a celebrity in his own right. His theories have been quoted in many newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

Panic Away Forum Comments

We wanted to see if we could find spontaneous comments outside of the official site, so we had a look through most of the top anxiety forums. We did not find negative comments from people that had actually tried the program. There were some comments from people who were asking for more information, and a few dubious comments from people that hadn’t tried it. On, there was a thread of people asking about it and then this comment:

I too have purchased this panic away book. It has helped me in a few desperate situations but I haven’t quite mastered the program. Mostly I keep thinking the opposite to what it is trying to teach me because of the way panic/anxiety works. I try to fight it, but when I actually use the panic away method, it works. Please read the entire program it’s worth it.

The Panic Away official website is absolutely jam-packed with testimonials of people that they claim are clients, and even though we give less value to these testimonials, they cannot be excluded altogether.
Because of what we have found, we feel that the possibility of it being a scam is highly unlikely, and is proven to have helped many people overcome fear and anxiety disorders.

Things to watch out for

However, taking a cue from the forum comment above, one thing must be said about this program: simply buying the book is only the first step. It would be very naïve to believe that you can buy a book, read it, and suddenly you’ll be cured. You will need to have the courage and willpower to apply the techniques described in the book.

Also, little is said in the book about biological causes of anxiety, which include sugar dependancy and possibly chronic candidiasis to name a few. People seeking to cure themsleves from anxiety should pay close attention to their eating habits, the amount of sleep they get, the physical activity they do etc. This is all covered in the “lifestyle” section of the C.A.L.M. technique, but more specific things, like a kinesiological test for hormone deficiencies are not mentioned, and we recommend you have these things checked out with your doctor.

The Panic Away Book and Program – What you Get

  • The book – It’s 254 pages long and the scope of it is to really “break down” anxiety piece by piece.
  • The HD DVD – it’s just under 50 minutes long and is useful to fast track the recovery in case you don’t have much time.
  • Audio Cd’s – all the exercises are in CD format so you can listen to them in the car or on the go

Our Verdict

Even though this is a new program, and no clinical studies have been published on medical journals to our knowledge, we feel this program is a good buy. There are many testimonials on the official site, the author himself is a healed anxiety sufferer, the program is endorsed by professionals in the field and even independent forums give positive feedback.

Reading the book, we found it was written in plain English which anyone can grasp and also found the whole layout very easy to follow.

We recommend this product.

How to order

The program can be ordered online.

On Amazon it’s a lot more expensive at $119.95, whereas if ordered on the official site the printed version is $97.95, and the online version is $67.95.
There is a full 8 week money back guarantee.
There are sites that look just like the official site but are actually scams, so for your own safety click here to access the official site through our verified link.


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