Panic Help Zone – Dealing with Panic and Anxiety

Suffering from Panic Attacks and GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is not only scary, but it leaves you feeling lonely too. People that haven’t suffered from this ailment just don’t understand how bad you feel, and since its not measurable, there is no way of letting them know how strong you actually are simply due to being able to endure it. People think it’s something that you can control somehow, like getting yourself out of a bad mood.

Those that suffer from Anxiety are not weak, and are not hypochondriacs. Actually, most often anxiety sufferers are intelligent, creative and caring people. It is typical for people that suffer from anxiety to be very hard on themselves; if this is what you are doing then it’s time to stop beating yourself up. What you are going through is already hard enough – don’t add to it by being angry with yourself!

If you have had times when you thought you were having a heart attack or couldn’t breathe for no apparent reason, if you are scared of getting stuck in traffic or in a crowd, if you are afraid of losing control or going crazy, or if you have anxious thoughts that just will not stop, then it’s time to take action.
Anxiety can cause you to stop travelling, to stop seeing people, or it can have you taking medicine, which is just another form of slavery.

Breaking the Anxiety chain can set you free.
You will be surprised and relieved to know that panic attacks are not a mental illness – they are a behavioral disorder which can be completely resolved. It is not true that you will have to endure anxiety for the rest of your life.

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