About Me

The author of Panic Away is Barry McDonagh is native of Ireland, and used to suffer from panic attacks himself. His first attack arrived whilst he was doing his undergraduate course at UCD. Since the attacks were not simply “going away” but getting worse, he started studying ways to cure them.

He was able to find a cure that eliminated the problem at the root, and wasn’t simply a coping mechanism for the symptomes. He has been teaching his method for the past 10 years, and his mission now is to reach one million anxiety sufferers by 2016 to change the way that GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) is treated worlwide.

His method has already helped over 70 thousand people in 32 different countries.

Basically he teaches others how to shatter the illusion that causes the initial fear that then becomes anxiety.
He lives in Dublin and is married. His favorite TV program is The Blue Planet. He enjoys cycling and listening to Bruce Springsteen and U2.