Heartbreak when you have anxiety
Anxiety and Panic

Heartbreak when you have anxiety

Heartbreak happens to everyone.  The main difference is how you handle the heartbreak. It is a completely different situation when you are also dealing with anxiety and depression. This makes the recovery process a lot more challenging.

Someone who is a long time sufferer of anxiety may not have as much life experience as their peer group.  Because of this, they may have only had friendships and keep other relationships at arm’s length.

With romantic partnerships come disagreements, it is only natural.  But  when a person with anxiety has and argument, it can quickly escalate into an emotional whirlwind.  The emotions will cause them to replay the argument over and over. This negativity remains, even when the problem is resolved.

When a person with anxiety and depression ends a relationship, they may find it difficult to share the details and emotions  that accompany them. They may, instead, bury themselves in work and projects only to find themselves inundated with pent up emotions.  It is hard to turn this noise and pain off.

This can lead to the isolating behavior that often accompanies depression. While recovering from a  breakup, the depression leads you back to self-blame and heart ache.  You can become lost in and stop taking care of yourself. You may over eat and/or stop caring about your appearance.   And while you can take medication for depression, you can’t do anything about a broken heart.  For this, time is the only cure.

But when you do move past this, be assured that eventually you will feel able to connect with someone and when you do, you will find someone who truly loves and cherishes you, no matter what your emotional history is.

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